Do You Tip in Aruba? Hilarious Reasons Why Pelicans Expect Tips Too!

By John Goldsmith •  Updated: 11/01/23 •  6 min read

Welcome to our blog post all about tipping in Aruba!

In this article, we will explore the concept of tipping in Aruba and provide you with some humorous insights into why even pelicans might expect tips.

Get ready for a fun and informative ride!

Do You Tip in Aruba?

Tipping is not mandatory in Aruba, but it is customary for good service. A tip is typically referred to as a “propina” in Spanish.

Here are some general guidelines for tipping in Aruba:

If you are paying by credit card, you can leave a tip in cash or ask the server to add it to your bill. However, some restaurants and cafés in Aruba now have card machines that allow you to add a tip to your bill directly.

Ultimately, how much you tip is up to you. However, following these general guidelines will help you to tip appropriately in Aruba.

Here are some additional tips for tipping in Aruba:

The Concept of Tipping in Aruba

When it comes to tipping, Aruba follows a similar culture as many other tourist destinations.

Tipping is generally expected and appreciated by service industry workers who rely on gratuities to supplement their income.

It is important to remember that these individuals work hard to ensure your experience is enjoyable, and tipping is a way to show your appreciation.

Tipping Etiquette in Restaurants and Bars

In restaurants, it is customary to tip waitstaff based on the level of service you receive.

The typical range for tipping waiters or waitresses falls between 15% and 20% of the bill.

However, if the service exceeds your expectations, feel free to leave a more generous tip.

As for bartenders, while it’s not mandatory to tip them individually after every drink, leaving a small gratuity at the end of an evening can be a nice gesture.

A dollar or two per drink can go a long way in showing your appreciation for their mixology skills.

Tipping Customs for Tour Guides and Drivers

Tour guides play an essential role in enhancing tourists’ experiences by providing valuable information about local attractions and culture.

While it isn’t mandatory to tip tour guides, it is certainly appreciated if you enjoyed their services.

A customary tip amount would be around $5-$10 per person for half-day tours and $10-$20 per person for full-day tours.

When it comes to taxi drivers or private transportation services such as car hires or shuttle buses, tipping around 10% of the fare or rounding up to the nearest dollar is considered appropriate and appreciated.

Tipping Beach Attendants and Hotel Staff

When you’re enjoying a day at the beach in Aruba, you might come across beach attendants who provide services such as setting up chairs and umbrellas, delivering drinks, or even offering snorkeling equipment.

While tipping beach attendants is not common everywhere, it has become increasingly expected in certain areas.

A small tip of $1-$2 per service provided would be appreciated.

Additionally, when staying at a hotel in Aruba, it is customary to tip hotel staff such as housekeeping or concierge for their services. Leaving a daily tip of $2-$5 for housekeeping is generally considered appropriate.

For exceptional service from the concierge or other staff members who go above and beyond to make your stay memorable, a larger tip may be warranted.

Unexpected Encounters: Why Pelicans Expect Tips Too!

Now for the funny part! Believe it or not, pelicans in Aruba have become accustomed to tourists feeding them fish scraps while on fishing trips or visiting fish markets.

These clever birds have associated humans with tasty treats and will sometimes approach tourists expecting some fishy gratuities!

While this may not be an official tipping custom, it certainly adds some fun and laughter to your trip.

Imagine walking along the coast with a few fish scraps left over from your meal when suddenly a pelican waddles up to you with its beak wide open!

It’s hard not to burst into laughter when faced with these unexpected encounters. Just remember that while pelicans might expect tips too, giving them food can disrupt their natural diet and ecosystem.


In conclusion, tipping in Aruba follows similar customs as many other tourist destinations.

It is customary to leave tips for waitstaff at restaurants and bartenders who serve you drinks.

Tour guides and drivers also appreciate gratuities for their services.

Additionally, while not mandatory everywhere, tipping beach attendants and hotel staff is becoming more common.

And let’s not forget the hilarity of pelicans expecting tips too! While it may not be an official custom, encountering these feathered friends looking for fishy treats adds a touch of joy and laughter to your Aruba experience.

So, now that you know the ins and outs of tipping in Aruba, remember to show your appreciation for excellent service and enjoy those unexpected encounters with pelicans expecting gratuities.

Happy tipping, and don’t forget the fish scraps!

John Goldsmith