Tipping for Pizza Delivery: This Is How Much

By John Goldsmith •  Updated: 12/25/21 •  4 min read

Tipping your pizza driver is a way to say “thank you” for their service.

But how much should you tip them?

That depends on the type of service they provide and how much it costs, but most people agree that $3-$5 for delivery is the general consensus in the industry.

But, there are several things to consider like, are they using their vehicle or the companies, so you figure gas, car maintenance, car insurance, etc.

What is the weather out, what would you expect as a tip, in situations like that?

Then you have the delivery price itself, so how many pies did they bring?

Take a look at the charges when you checkout online, is there already a delivery fee? Then you can base your tip on the service that was provided.

Some checkouts will ask you if you like to tip 10%, 15%, or 20% which will help any confusion and make it easier on you.

how much should i tip my pizza driver?

How much should you tip for pizza delivery?

The answer is, it depends.

But, in general, $3-$5 is a good range to tip your pizza driver.

Just like with anything else, if the service was exceptional, feel free to tip more.

If the service was poor, you may want to reconsider tipping at all or tipping less.

Here is a good tip for the pizza delivery person:

The important thing is that you felt the service was worth tipping for!

And what is the price of the convenience of having food delivered?

Does the delivery fee go to the driver?

No, the delivery fee goes to the business, not the driver.

You are paying that company a fee to have that service, even though they may be using their vehicle.

That is why tipping is important.

Why tipping delivery drivers is important?

Food delivery drivers are likely only making minimum wage.

If you factor in the wear and tear on their vehicle, insurance, gas expenses, it is easy to see why tipping is important.

Tipping can make or break the job for them.

Most drivers work delivery as a second or third job to make ends meet.

Tipping helps make up a little of that wage.

Slow days will not be as profitable unless they get great tips from everyone which is unlikely.

How long should you wait for a pizza delivery?

30-40 minutes is the average time for delivery.

It is also important to note how far the restaurant is from your home compared to how long it takes them to prepare your pizza.

If you live less than 5 miles away, then there should not be that much of a delay unless you ordered something very complicated or they are short-staffed that day.

But if you are outside of their five-mile radius, expect more wait time.


Because drivers work with an average territory of 20-25 minutes per order which means they have other orders in between yours.

So, consider all these factors when calling the establishment about why your food has not arrived yet and do not hesitate to ask for a discount on future deliveries as well!

What if your order was late?

You should tip anyway!

Most drivers have to pay for fuel no matter how many deliveries they do.

If they are using their vehicle, you must consider wear and tear on the car itself.

It is never good to penalize your delivery driver because of something that isn’t their fault.

They did drive through busy traffic, weather, etc for you!

Then you can make a complaint with the company if it took too long, but spare the driver.


If you want to thank your pizza driver for their service, make sure that they know it by tipping them accordingly.

15% is the most common tip and 20%+ is an even more generous one depending on what type of food order was delivered.

The delivery fee goes to the company not the driver so be mindful when paying because this person may only be making minimum wage in which case a great tip can really help out!

John Goldsmith